Monday, May 13, 2013

Thank You!

THANK YOU all for vending, shopping, performing at and supporting Spring Fling in its first year! What a beautiful day in so many ways. Hope you all had a great time, found some prize vintage and handmade items, and you'll keep visiting the Old North neighborhood!

Special thanks again to TSV Sound & Vision for running all the audio and video for the musicians and the game lounge. Be sure and look them up if you're in the market for audio video rentals, installations and event services in St. Louis!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Vendor Spotlight: Yellow Bird Gifts

Well, here we are. Our final vendor spotlight! A bittersweet moment, but a good one on which to go out. Yellow Bird Gifts, curated by the creative Erin Plemon, will literally have something for every age. Vintage clothing (including children's!), accessories and housewares will be among her display, as well as cocktail napkins, pin cushions and microwavable heat packs — for the little ones — made from vintage buttons and tablecloths or fabric and shaped like animals! Erin also makes bookmarks from paper clips and vintage buttons, which, if your mom is a reader, would be the perfect Mom's Day present!

Be sure and check out more of Yellow Bird Gifts on Etsy!

Vendor Spotlight: Whimsy Bomb

Going on a trip this summer? Then be sure and stop by Sherry Packer's booth, Whimsy Bomb, which will be loaded with vintage home decor, vintage luggage (including train cases...perfect for all your hair and beauty care needs!) and printers' blocks (can you spell mom? Hello, cute Mother's Day gift!).

Be sure and like Whimsy Bomb on Facebook!

Vendor Spotlight: Trudy Run-A-Way

Trudy Run-A-Way is a vintage clothing store that was created when a love for fashion, creativity and penny pinching came together! Curator Trudy Hayden believes that pieces from the past allow fashionistas to be unique and timeless, and she'll be bringing lots of runway-ready vintage items for you Spring Fling shoppers!

Be sure and check out the Trudy Run-A-Way Etsy store and follow Trudy on Twitter!

Vendor Spotlight: The Upcycle Exchange

If you like to make things with your own two hands, then chances are you've already walked through the door of The Upcycle Exchange on South Grand. And if you haven't, then listen up, kids...

Founder and owner Autumn Wiggins conceived of the for-profit social enterprise with the indie craft community in mind, where customers can receive incentives (such as discounts on merchandise or other perks) when they gather and submit materials crafters might use for handmade merchandise. Creatives can also stop in and get materials on a pay-as-you-wish basis, with average prices by volume ($3-$40/cart) for most items or by weight ($1-$3/oz.) for jewelry, beads, buttons, etc.

Autumn will be stocking her Spring Fling booth with vintage-y craft supplies, including 400 lbs. (yes, you read that right!) of vintage fabric she recently acquired (now you'll know where you can find me during the show!). She'll also be selling her handmade creations, such as custom chalkboards, seed bombs and purses crafted from materials such as coffee bean bags.

This is one booth you won't want to miss!

Be sure and check out The Upcycle Exchange website, like it on Facebook and follow it on Twitter! Also peep its wish list to see what supplies it carries and collects!